To AARP or not to AARP.

I returned from celebrating my 50th birthday in NYC to a smattering a birthday cards, my tax accountant’s “It’s that time” letter, and an AARP membership offer.  My first reaction was that it was too early to hear from them.  I tried to remember what AARP stood for.  After a quick search, I couldn’t find the actual meaning of the acronym, but my memory (a 50-year-old one) says it’s American Association of Retired Persons.  My next thought was simple, “I don’t intend to ever retire. I’m a writer.”  Then I thought, “But the discounts!” And that’s when I decided to at least see what they had to offer.

AARP letter

I am somewhat of a frugal person, so I scanned the list of discounts.  At first, I was disappointed that there were no movie discounts.  The stigma that goes with AARP is “old”.  I knew that if I started receiving the magazine in my mailbox and they ended up scattered about my house, it would seem like my parents’ house, not mine.  Then again, AARP is a rite of passage.  A passage I like taking, so I’m signing up!  I’m signing up at the same time I’m also renewing my membership to the ACLU (something every writer young or old should contribute to) and to Poets and Writers.

Now I have to wait six weeks for my membership kit and for my FREE travel bag.

I like to hear what you think, if it's not mean spirited.

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