MidLife Crisis

Michelle Obama and I both had birthday parties to celebrate our 50ths this past Saturday.  I read an article where she said her mid-life crisis was when she got bangs.

la-pn-michelle-obama-past-photos-20140114-047Funny, I would have to say that was my mid-life crisis too.  Which is something of a relief because I thought I may have failed in the mid-life crises department.  But when I turned 45, I gotbangs for the first time since I was about 7 years old.  I had them for about 2 years.  Then I decided they weren’t for me.  But now, I’m thinking of going back to them.  I considered other ideas, like cars and crazy trips, but nothing really sounded like anything I remotely was interested in. Bangs were as crazy as I got.  I’d love to know what other have done, are doing, or plan on doing for their mid-life crises.  Even if it’s wilder than bangs!  


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  1. Magda Remillard
    Jan 21, 2014 @ 22:33:26

    Really enjoying your blogs, Amy! So for our big 50, my sister-in-law, Angie, and I made a pact: She trained and then ran her first marathon (she lives in Spokane, so we had to do these separately), and I trained and completed my first triathlon. It’s fun, because our birthdays are 1 month apart, she’s May and I’m June. We were pretty jazzed about our birthdays and these celebrations by pushing ourselves to a new physical level seemed an appropriate way to start our second half.

    What was amazing to me, was that during that triathlon, I was neck in neck with another woman during the entire event. When you compete in these events, you have your number and your age written on your arms and back of the leg. So I still had 49 on the back of my leg (it was March), and this lady cycling, running and swimming just one step ahead of me through the entire race had 70! Which just shows you, that at 50 you can still have many, many years ahead to meet whatever goals you set out for yourself! That lady beat me by just over 1 minute!



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