Mental Vitality

On Facebook there’s a game going around right now where you pick up the book closest to you and turn to page 45 and the first sentence describes your sex life.  Oh hell, after seeing it go around the newsfeed about 3,000 times, I thought, I’ll try it.  So, I turned to see what was the closest book on my desk.  Turned out it was  a book given to me on my 50th birthday by a good and funny friend.  The book is titled Growing Lovely, Growing Old, by Douglass Scarborough McDaniel, published in 1941.  It’s pages are yellowed, the pink paper sleeve surrounding the hardbound cover is delicate and the edges lacy with wear.  The cover has a photo of Whistler’s Mother across the front.  Not sure how that crabby old lady got to represent “lovely”, but maybe in 1941 she didn’t seem so grouchy. Anyway, I turn to page 45 and this is what I get:

“…the more mental vitality a person has, the more varied are his interests.”

Maybe it’s the chia seeds I had in my green vitamin drink this morning, but I’m feeling rather lovely, both mentally and physically.  Happy 50.055th!

I like to hear what you think, if it's not mean spirited.

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