I had a couple of “younger” friends tell me they were excited about turning 50 since they’ve watched me have so much fun. That made me happy to hear.

This week I went to all my doctors in one swell foop, just to get all those tests over with.  I’m not a procrastinator so I made all the appointments on the same day.  By 10am I got an A+ on my teeth (still fooling the hygienist on how much I (don’t) floss), by 1pm my eyes passed muster, and by 4pm my physical exam was complete with flying colors.  Except one thing.  Now I just have the colonoscopy left.  We’ll see how excited those “younger” friends are after I share that experience.  I’m more worried about the milkshake I have to drink the night before, than I am the exam itself.

Today is my 50.11 birthday!

I like to hear what you think, if it's not mean spirited.

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