Another About Time

images-3My yoga instructor tells me to “be present”.  Sure, at that moment, when I’m twisting my left leg behind my right and balancing on my ear, I attempt to “be present”.  But present is a hard place to stay, especially since time keeps moving forward, keeps moving toward the future.  Just once, it would be fun to have a yoga teacher say, “be future.”

A good writing friend of mine, who is also past the fifty mark, and I were discussing our books, how many we have in us and want to get written.  She said something that I thought was brilliant and has stuck with me.  “Time doesn’t so much seem shorter at this age, but it definitely seems narrower.”

flush_hallwayI took that to heart, and I’m relinquishing my role as responsible human being this month and focusing only on my writing.  This blog is a nice and fun respite, but it may be neglected just like my cats.  Occasional feedings, and some water, but for the present I have a narrow passage I need to navigate.

I like to hear what you think, if it's not mean spirited.

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