Dressing the part

In my lifelong quest for a sartorial style I can call my own, I have realized that I return over and over to the tunic.

In the 80s stretch pants and long blouses were the fashion hit and I embraced them. Those long loose blouses covered all the bumps I was insecure about.

In the 90s, it was boyfriend shirts that came below the hips. Again, coverage and comfort were the goal.

In the next couple of decades, we started wearing empress waist tunics or what at one time would have been mini dresses, over leggings.

The goal now is to make sure it’s really an in style tunic and not an old lady shirt. A big oversized blouse with no shape and loud print. It’s a fine line when you reach fifty to balance comfort and style and not turn into my grandmother. Stop me when I start wearing rhinestone sweaters, please.

I like to hear what you think, if it's not mean spirited.

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