Still Grousing About Motherhood

images-1I’m still jumping up and down on my box of Tide about not being REQUIRED to be a mother.  I just read an article in the LA Times about how an organization called FrogLeap, Inc. has been working to reduce the quantity of “early elective deliveries”.  I couldn’t believe this phrase.  If you don’t know about it, and I certainly didn’t, nearly 20% of births at hospitals are delivered at least (at least!) two weeks early.  REASON:  The mothers-to-be are tired of being pregnant. images Okay, here’s where my bun gets too tight.  Should these women be mothers at all?  If they think pregnancy sucks, then wait until the terrible twos! Or until they poop on your friend’s new sofa. That’s awkward, embarrassing and excruciatingly painful.

Here’s the link.  Feel free to tell me I’m an insensitive, jealous old lady with raisin-like eggs, or maybe you’ll agree with me.,0,7918490.story#axzz2uwInPyt1

Be a mother, that’s fine, and can certainly be glorious (for some), but don’t feel like you are supposed to if you’re not cut out for it. Maybe we should require that Facebook quiz for more women. And men.


I like to hear what you think, if it's not mean spirited.

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